On 11th, September 2020 – Kitui Social media we’re Awash after it emerged that kitui Gubernatorial aspirant Mr Kiema Kilonzo had called two notable young lads to Nairobi and instructed them, – one from Mwingi and another singer from Mulango to mobilise youth who can support his gubernatorial candidature.

Kiema then directed them to meet at a decent hotel in Mwingi to discuss his winning formula promising to cater for the bills.

“After the meeting the two young lads left to do the assignment, Stephen Muli, a vocal political activist from Mwingi is a bitter man after a sorrowful man after he mobilised people in one of the top hotels In Mwingi where a huge bill was incurred.

When Stephen Muli reached Ambassador as he had instructed him, the ambassador dismissed him as a stranger to him and told him to go to hell and sort himself.

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The team was shocked when Kiema evaporated into thin air and refused to pay the bill, prompting the hotel to hand in Muli to police.

Their bill was later paid by good-hearted Dr Malombe who learnt of the young man’s incarceration.

According to his own encounter with Kiema Kilonzo, By his own account, he says he met Kiema in Mombasa who begged him to join his camp to help with gubernatorial campaigns.

“Then last week we met in Nairobi for another meeting where he directed me to lobby youths from Mwingi to support him,” Muli said. He and 20 other youths met at Summer Springs Hotel where they discussed Kiema’s campaigns under drinks and heavy lunch amounting to nearly 20K.

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“I sent him the hotel’s pay bill number but he refused to pay and dismissed me as a fraudster and madman,” Muli says. Later he was arrested and locked up at Mwingi Police Station for one night and one day until a good Samaritan footed the huge bill.

“I want to warn fellow youths, be wary of Kiema, he is a hyena who can’t be trusted, ” Muli advised Kitui population to avoid Kiema like a puff udder, a bitter Muli said.

It forced Mwingi based Political commentator Katiwa Nzoka to reach out to Former Kitui Governor and development Juggernaut His Excellency Hon Julius Malombe bails out and pays Ksh 16,000 for a team of youths from the larger Mwingi who had assembled at one of the Mwangi’s top hotels to deliberate on Kiema’s campaigns.

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The hotel bill was later paid by Kitiwa Nzoka one of Malombe staunch support after they reached out to Kitui former governor Dr Julius Malombe.

The team had been mobilized by one Stephen Muli who met Kiema in Mombasa before the opportunist politician recruited him to his non-starter camp. They later met in Nairobi where Muli says Kiema asked him to recruit youths for him.

Kitui youth has been urged to be wary of any assignment from kiema kilonzo, otherwise, they will continue to be arrested.