OPINION: Why People Who Insult Others have Low self-esteem

one caucasian couple man and woman face to face screaming shouting dipute in studio silhouette isolated on white background

People who tend to force their points over others through insults and mudslinging have low self-esteem.

Most of these egoistic men and women come from abusive relationships or family background, according to media study and research.

They lack positive mentorship during their formative ages, they will always force their own opinions down other people throats, often resulting to abuse and demeaning words.

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According to advocate Mr Morris Kimuli,The modern society in the 21st century should keep cautioning those who insult or abuse others by use of positive criticism and persuasion.

People can always advance their arguments, win arguments and support their positions without calling people names.

“People who consistently insult or assault others to make their points across have low levels of self-esteem.

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It usually betrays their poor upbringing, lack of positive mentorship or failed relationships.

“As a matter of fact, most of those who resolve arguments by insulting others and calling others names do exactly that at home.

They insult their spouses, workers and children. Sometimes they get physical. Most domestic abuses and assaults stem from such scenarios.

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They beat their spouses. Or they are beaten and harassed by their spouses and so they easily find a way of asserting themselves by attempting to insult or intimidate others.

That is why I said they need to be cautioned and if they can’t change, action must therefore taken to deter such people from carrying out their egoistic tendencies.