Opinion: Why MAMA Ngilu SHOULD Kick Out FAKE Advisors



OPINION: How Enemies of the people of kitui are plotting to Mislead Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu and have her clash with Voters ahead of 2022.

As kitui political fever continues to take shape ahead of the 2022  general election – Many think that the Governor of kitui Charity Ngilu is a renowned political Magician and can’t be defeated easily, it will be a hard task for anyone dreaming of unseating her in 2022. Take it or leave it. 

But there are things she needs to do and do them the smart way.

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She Ought to disband and restructure her Political advisory team which seems to be clueless, visionless, and out of touch with the ground and the current political terrain.

She should minimize the political enemies ahead of 2022, any attempt to sack or replace top Officials in her government should be handled with caution it deserves,  the advertisement for the 12 chief officers may not be the well-thought idea.  the idea is good but wrong timing, one year to the general election will create confusion rather than helping.

The current top officers are not the Governor’s enemies as Advisors want to make Governor Ngilu believe, one year to the general election changing or hiring new   COs is a poorly thought out idea. take it or leave it.

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Many people on social media think that the county Advisory team is an enemy of the people of kitui and to Governor Herself.

Think about it.