Opinion: Why It will be a Two Horse Race For Kitui Senatorial Race

Photo file: Hon Wilfred Nyamu, Kitui Senatorial Candidate 2022.
Kitui Senator Hon Enoch Wambua.


Opinion: Kitui senator Enoch Wambua might be walking in a tight rope as his seat continue to attract Aspirants ahead of the 2022 general election.

Senator Hon wambua enjoys massive wiper support across Kitui county – and being close to wiper party leader save for BBI politics which nearly caught him on the offensive side.

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The celebrated high court advocate Mr Wifred Nyamu entrance to the ring is causing sleepless night to senator wambua.

Nyamu who has a huge following in larger Mwingi is set to give Senator wambua a run for his money.

The contest will be a two-horse race between Senator Wambua and Advocate Nyamu, the rest will be flower girls in the race, they are good leaders at their current position, Muli told Our Reporters.

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He is said to be the only unelected individual who has spoken more in the senate than any other person in Kenya.

The next Senate may not be senate without Hon Wilfred Nyamu Mati, His debating skills and witty is unmatched.

The son from Kora Village in Mwingi North is a leader to watch .