OP-ED OPINION: Why BBI Will Fail and Crash Like a House of Cards



Opinion: Deputy President Dr William Ruto evidently commands a very huge following; you will agree with me that the seasoned politician has more lieutenants than the entire opposite team of leaders combined.

Ruto is an old hand, an adept with a lion paw grip on the battle front and his views cannot be taken lightly or wished away.

In other words, ignore him at your own peril. Here is the caveat – ignoring Dr William Samoei Ruto can tear the nation apart like a continental tectonic plate during an earthquake.

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It seems that President Uhuru Kenyatta has no interest in the post BBI implementation era apart from delivering a new constitution in his tenure and build a legacy that will go down in the annals of history.

At the helm , the President doesn’t want to please anyone to deliver a law without consensus from the concerned Groups of Interest !

Raila has closed the gate. No more BUILDING BRIDGES amendments. This is a hard-line position taken by dictators around the world and everyone knows that it never worked.

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Collection of signatures would have closed the gate of consensus and sent the nation to a 14 billion affair of loophole and certainly fail.

The President means well but his fellow aging handshake brother is using the Building Bridges Initiative to position himself as the preferred presidential candidate by 2020.

This will definitely fail. Trust me.

Yours Truly.