Opinion: Why ANY Government Need 360 degrees Super Thinkers DEEP state Members



The Government of any kind either County Government or National Government needs Men and women who are super thinkers, those who can think 360 degrees, not clowns.

These set of invisible individuals are called The deep state members. The owners of the Government.

The 21st century challenges NEEDS Men and women to solve complex governance problems as well as leadership challenges and explore emerging global issues that affect governance and leadership in civil society, private and public sectors.

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By hiring clowns, dupes and arrogant fools as the deep state members – the Boss is bound to lose the grip politically, socially and physically..

The true Governance provides direction and strategy for leadership, In addition, highlight that governance provides important boundaries for leaders and the led.

Failed institutions have been diagnosed to have poor and incompetent leadership ( Deep State Members.)

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These individuals are tasked to make sure the Boss’s personal Interest and political interests are taken care of during his or her tenure. They must be friendly and wise people.

So what happens when a leader loses the ground politically? Remember The Boss is always right, Time to Time, the boss Should Re-evaluate his Deep state members.

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Governance is the framework for accountability, scrutiny and management of leaders within the set framework..

Globally, competent leadership and governance are recognized as key to economic and political success of a nation. High growth organizations and institutions have been found to be characterized by effective leadership.

Now you know why Governments fails.