OPINION; Who speaks for the Poor?


By Kathi Muthui
Who is speaking for the poor, voiceless in the society, and those who don’t come from the big families?

As i sat at a local pub, where Balozi retails at 140.00. Sometimes I even suspect it’s brewed at the Kariobangi, a young man from home came, and engaged me in a lengthy conversation.

The young graduate from Nairobi University asked me whether I knew someone who could fix him to armed forces.
I was in trouble trying to justify to him the only two persons I knew were no longer in forces.
A cousin who was nicknamed Kilanguni, and my agemate, Mutua Mututa who defected to American forces many years ago.

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I noticed the young man was desperate looking for the job, but had no connection. He further reminded me about the last year recruitment attempt. They were silently asking 240k.

My Balozi started tasting like the water drawn from Thunguthu river when the amount was mentioned. I knew his poor parents couldn’t raise such collasal amount. The only asset they have in their homestead is one sheep, a donkey, and less than six goats.

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They don’t have a Sharon, the only surviving sister is past queen slaying any available Obado.
I knew for once this country is ripe for revolution, but who is that to take us to that level!
The young ones must redeem their suffering parents from this yoke of exclusion.

For how long are they going to stand a side as the system exclude them?
For the last twenty five years, or so, can someone confess if he, or she walked to any armed forces recruitment centers, and without money to bribe, or known connections got drafted to KDF or police services?

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We must define our common fronts, or perish together counting the number of choppers passing over our heads going to bury the privileged souls.