Opinion: take It or leave It – Why RUTO Remains King In Kenyan Politics


By Kennedy Safari.

Some people May repulse, loathe, detest and abhor Deputy President Dr William Ruto with all sorts of highest castigations, lambaste and berate but they can’t impugn he is a Good Debater.

They is no time the Ruto tried to play anarchy like adversaries, sods, anathemas and foes have been trying to force this to us.

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The DP similarly didn’t at any given time try to dissent the Government he fought for to be in power. Adversaries have tried to use this trick but Kenyans have always seen the true side and stood with the DP and still standing with him.

If there is anybody who won on this is the DP. They tried to taint and tarnish him, goad and bash but instead it was a blessing in disguise.

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He gained support and favour. Even those who were against him are now supporting him. He remains the undisputed winner in the beckoning polls and the ideal supplant to his predecessor