OPINION: Stop Witch Hunt against DOLA unga-Kilifi South Politician Peter Osteen



Dola has been distributing Unga in the most parts of coast – PETER OSTEEN

I stand firm to oppose allegations that DOLA Unga was was not fit for consumption.

It is indeed a sad day and very unfortunate that some clandestine groups of people can sit down and decide on who is supposed to do business in what parts of this sovereign Republic of Kenya.

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DOLA DILEMMA: Some of the organisations tasked with food safety are the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services, Poisons and Pests Control Board, Directorate of Veterinary Services and AFS© PATRICK KIMANZI/COUNTY DIARY

Dola has been distributing Unga in the most parts of coast and there is not a single day that we have witnessed the Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) reporting that DOLA it is not ideal for human consumption.

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We are condemning such moves because it is a classic example of witch hunting that has characterised the Kenyan business scene.

Therefore it is unfortunate that Kebs is being used by business rivals to undermine DOLA.

We refuse to be subjects of such backwardness and demand Kebs to stop the bias come out clearly and give the public a report on how the chemical test or rather how they came up with such malicious and false accusations.

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As the government tries to create employment for young people , Kebs is busy propagating falsehoods and thus creating a chance of millions of young people to be unemployed.

We refuse to buy Kebs ideas and demand and explanation.Corruption cannot be the order of the day every day.Regards,

Peter Osteen Youths Aspirant Kenya(YAK)

Parliamentary Candidate 2022,Kilifi South