OPINION; Stop the Slide Kitui is headed to perdition


By Guest Contributor.

After a careful study of social media posts and many public discourses, I note we fight relentlessly tearing into each opposing camp. Many times, the government side is left tattered and torn; scorned and fouled; shamed and blamed. They hit back with insult and fault; mock and rock.

But all this constantly isolates the leaders from themselves and the people, plunging our motherland into acrimony, hatred, ridicule, mediocrity, debauchery, corruption and above all poverty and disharmony. In the din of mediocrity and senseless rant, the citizenry continually sinks into more misery.

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Poverty and hopelessness; bitter rivalry, hunger and thirst prevail in every corner as exploitation and abuse by aliens fill the air. Businesses are floundering, tittering on the verge of collapse.

Who will turn around this trend? Who will set us back from the road of destruction into healing and brotherhood? Into the road to unity, prosperity and welfare for all?

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Where is the MCA? Where is the Parliamentary Rep? Where is the Governor? Where is the Community leader? Where is Kalonzo Musyoka? Where are the true men of God?

Who will bring true healing and reconciliation into our beloved county? Who will bring back our county back the track?

You and I. Take action. Stop the vice. Change your course. Put the county on the right track, think big for your county, pray for your country as the country prosper the commoners will enjoy the fruits of devolution.