By Dennis Omwange

Every Kitui resident knows by now that our good senator’s interests are not the people of Kitui who elected him. His interests are purely personal and selfish.

Predictably he was absent from the biggest security meeting convened to address the plight of the Ndee nation some of whom have lost their lives, maimed, displaced and become squatters/refugees in their own land. Governor Ngilu led a delegation of all the Members of Parliament from Kitui County to meet Interior CS Dr. Fred Matiangi, DCI boss Mr. Kinoti, Inpector General of police Mutyambai. Kiio was a no show.

What could be more important than the security of Kitui County? Especially in light of the recent banditry attacks? Is Senator Kioo playing populist and cheap politics with people’s lives? The Ndee nation is bleeding but the good senator couldn’t care less. He has become too big for the people that elected him.

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The other day during the Senate Mashunani, Senate leaders and other senators made a visit to the groundbreaking first of its kind by a county Government Textile plant that is KICOTEC, as would be expected, Senator Kiio was a no show. As leaders from across the country led by the senate speaker Ken Lusaka and others like Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina were marveling at a project that has positively transformed the lives of hundreds of young sons and daughters of this great county, Senator was busy inciting his senate colleagues against seeing what is obviously development on a massive scale.

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Senator Kiio will continuously be absent from important Kitui County matters and issues. He will then show up from nowhere to politicize every project that benefits Musangi.

We have seen Kitui County leaders who have for a long time impoverished Kitui people just so that they can easily rule over everyone. Is Kiio following in those footsteps?

Anybody remembers how Kiio’s infamous “goat auction” ended up auctioning Kitui people’s goats and their money in a con style heist of epic proportions? How does a marathon in Kitui County put more money into Musangi’s pocket, or buy drugs for ailing patients? Or pay school fees for students, or put food on the table for starving residents.

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Kiio’s priorities are clearly upside down. Who does Senator Kiio. Work for or represent? What has he done for the people of Kitui?

It’s time Kitui County woke up to the sad reality that their Senator has abandoned them. The senator can only be remembered for noise making and politicization of development projects at the expense of Musangi.

Maybe Kitui County needs to recall Senator Kiio and elect a leader who can attend to the needs of Kitui people.