Opinion: Reconciliation is fundamental for Political Truce


By Steve Mumbu.

The Kenyan Constitution 2010 has mandated the three (3) Arms of Government, the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary to be Independent and autonomous.

The constitutional role of the Legislature is to make and amend Laws, Judiciary is to interpret the Laws and Executive is mandated to implemented the Law.

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Therefore, i’m kindly appealing to everyone in Kitui County to respect this Arms of Government and instead of exchanging all kinds of insults and mockery statements to the County Executive or to County Assembly, please let us use better words which can increase respect and honour and reduce animosity to create a conducive environment for service delivery to the people.

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Take it to the bank, chest thumping, names calling and mudslinging each other will not take anyone any far or make any positive attempt because only DIALOGUE can bring unity, respect and peace.

God bless the people of Kitui County, our leaders and the country at large.

-Steve Mumbu
Governance & Human Rights/Political Commentator