Opinion : Is George Ndotto’s Assembly Leadership Doomed?



Dear Honourable Member of Kitui County Assembly!

The Kitui County Assembly Speaker’s job has drawn mixed reactions with many asserting that it is time for George Mutua Ndotto to exit after leading for two terms.

The biggest publicly touted concern has been why nearly all MCAs during Ndotto’s learship are voted out by Kituians.

Now I ask: Is Ndotto’s leadership of the assembly jinxed? Is it cursed or bewitched?Why do the people of Kitui sack almost all MCAs during elections?

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In 2017 Geberal Elections, only 8 made back while 33 were flatly rejected.

In 2022, only four made it back, while 36 were thrown away like useless rags.Why? Is it anything to do with the Speaker?

Does it have to do with the Governor?

Is it because of the performance of the individual MCAs?Would sending Ndotto home change their fate?

How would any other Speaker alter the character of the voter?

Now that Dr Malombe was voted back on the basis of his work record, why weren’t MCAs who worked with him revoted back?

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Ngilu once swore to the Second Assembly that she would ensure they all go home in the 2022 elections for trying to impeach her and for frustrating her leadership.

Did she engineer their shameful sacking? Would a change of guard at the Assembly alter the fate of the new MCAs come 2027 elections?

And if not, would they be thrown out in the same pattern, probably with a Zero return?

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Do our MCAs do their oversight, legislation and representation job well enough? Is it the problem?

Is the Kitui voter “sick in the head”, or bewitched too?

Or is the problem with the blood, mind, heart, soul and the body of the entire Kitui County populace?

Notably, since the advent of Devolution, Kitui people generally elect only one-term devolution leaders – from Governor to MCA. Why?

What ails the Kitui County Assembly?

What ails Kitui County?

Dear Mheshimiwa, think. Think hard about all these questions and more!