OPINION: Dispelling Covid-19 Myths From Facts




Sometime last year I shared my sentiments on cure for covid19 in our local Daily Nation. Corona virus vaccine roll out being accelerated globally is a great milestone.

AT THE HELM: Hon Stephen Mbaya Kimwele (Ph.D.) is the incoming KIVOU WARD MCA 2022.

Govt and other stakeholders need to sensitize and conduct enough civic education on the effects & safety of corona virus vaccine-Astrazenecca.

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The convergence of misinformation and conspiracy theories about the covid19 and antivaccination may water down all efforts put towards the jab.

Internet has become a postmodern pandora’s box which information is conflated with information.

It’s good to dispel all vaccine myths with facts.

Leaders should be in forefront to take the vaccine. I am pro-science and a scientist however there is need to engage the public on vaccine concerns.

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My people, let us keep safe- mask up, sanitize,wash hands & keep social distance- as the 3rd wave is upon us.

The Author – Hon Stephen Mbaya Kimwele (Ph.D.) is the incoming KIVOU WARD MCA 2022.