Operationalize Mukong’a health Centre, Residents petition Ngilu


The residents of Mukong’ a location in Mumoni ward, Mwingi North are calling upon the county government of Kitui to operationalize Mukong’ a health centre.

Speaking to the COUNTY DIARY on Tuesday, The Residents said their efforts to convince Dr. muthoka who heads the lucrative health Ministry to open and operationalize the health centre has been unsuccessful.

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The already built dispensary at Kwa-musya market in makong’a location, mumoni ward,mwingi North constituencies has been lying idle.

The facility has been in existence for over eight(8) years but with no medical personnel.

Led by Peter lukoyel mwingi north (co-ordinator) they said, “It’s our wish that the county Government led by our Able Governor charity Ngilu will post the medical personnel here at making’ a Mumoni ward, Mwingi North.

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currently, people are seeking medical services from neighbouring Mbeere hospitals in Embu county.