OPINION: Open Letter to Wiper Movement Party leader Dr Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka


This is an open letter to Kamba kingpin and wiper Movement Party leader, His Excellency Dr.Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka.

With all due respect, I
Hope bwana mheshimiwa you are good and ready to face challenges ahead of 2022.

The concern to you today is to share some observations with you about your new move.

Although undisclosed to the public, we understand you are embracing, and courting bwana Deputy President Dr.William Ruto to be in his corner come 2022.
The mission may become impossible because Dr Ruto’s first attempt will definitely fail according to the history in Kenya, nobody has ever in the first attempt.

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Today, Dr. Ruto is like a hoop skirt which spread widely around the girl’s waist, but covers very little hence exposing her inner soft ware to the lust men baying for her illegal love.

“If truly Ruto has powers, his men couldn’t pick stones to defend themselves or their caps forcibly removed from heads by kibra goons as the happy to shoot policemen looked on.

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Recall how you rushed to answer Mt Kenya mafia SOS call after that infamous 2007/8 election where Raila had beaten them. Instead of picking real men to accompany you for
negotiation table, you picked yes sir, yes sir men who couldn’t withstand tough negotiations process.

You got raw deal mheshimiwa.
My little advise to you mheshimiwa is, stick to Raila’s camp, onethia no kuthwaiya ngingo than Ruto’s camp which is slowly, and eventually will degenerate.
Also, choose wisely, and tough guys to be hanging around you.
The usual happy to haul abusive words to people perceived not interested with your kind of leadership won’t translate to votes mheshimiwa.

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Wish you well as you speculate which move to take.
Signed, Letterfromkandwia.