Open Letter from Mumoni Hills- To Kitui Leadership


By Guest contributor

20,January 2019

Social Terrain /MCA calls for round table discussion

I write to you this letter, aware of the momentous events that we are traversing as a county, These events demand of us that we regularly take time to account to the electorate about the work entrusted to us by them especially those elected and employed/appointed to serve them.

Much can be said about the content of the debate in almost all social forums public places on “entangled” relationship between the assembly and the executive. Occasionally strong language and elusive verbatim have been used to drive home strongly-held beliefs within the limits and sometimes beyond, what is befitting of members of these social media and public in general.

This to some extent shows that we have a robust and vibrant democracy, but sometimes threatening consensus on the most important county questions and assignments.

Down the years, human society has pitted itself against the pestilences of poverty, disease and ignorance as envisioned by founding father of this nation, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta,

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Today ignorance has taken deeper roots in our society. Progress has been achieved while reverses have also been sustained..
It is incumbent on us to strive towards being in the side of those who have recorded more success than failure.

At the end of the day, the yardstick that we shall all be judged by is one and one only: and that is, are we, through our endeavours here, *creating the basis to better the lives of all Kituians!

This is not because the people have some subjective expectations fanned during an election campaign. Neither is it because there is a magic wand that they see in the new government but hope for prosperity is key driver of their expectations Time is ticking and its ticking fast!!

Are we worthy of their trust and confidence?

This is the big question, we should strive to answer as leaders all the times

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Our eventual moves should deliver a unique transitional mechanism which accommodates diversity in thinking and power endowment in a move to build one united County of Kitui.

Further, we are, together, and we should be finding creative ways of utilising the resources we have for a transformative quest based leadership build on trust, transparency and accountability by all of us.

Naturally, we are all striving to find the correct balance in this new terrain, which is normal and that’s I have a strong feeling that nothing is lost and we should always pray for a robust county assembly and reflective and responsive county executive to guarantee public service.

What is crucial, however, is that we need to forge an enduring consensus based on these tenets; Trust, Honesty and Accountability and the broad objective of structural development. This consensus is neither an imposition of one party over others; nor a honeymoon premised on the fickle whims of a fleeting romance but the overriding commitment to a joint developmental effort to reconcile our county and improve its well-being.


This does not subtract from the fact that there are different factions with divergent interests represented by our diverse expectations but we should not be fearful of the obvious consequence: that there are bound to be differences of emphasis and approach on a variety of matters.

To present a facade of unity on each and every issue would be artificial, undemocratic and patently pretentious.

The more these issues are aired and opened up for public debate, the better for the kind of democracy we seek to build.

If handled within the bound dictated by the interests of coherent and effective governance, such debates will definitely enrich our development politics.

Lastly I urge from onset, we all set ourselves for two interrelated tasks: reconciliation and development. This is our challenge today. It will remain our challenge for many years to come but a recipe for a healthy society.

Enjoy your great people of Kitui.

The contributor is Mumoni ward Member of county Assembly Hon. J.M Kanandu ! From the slopes of Mumoni.