Open Letter from Kandwia to Unthankful Kamba Nation


Letter from kandwia

By our Guest Contributor

We may also throw our hands to the air in a total disarray wondering why some people aren’t singing, and praising His Excellency SKM.

Truly, we may be so unthankful to the Lord for not appreciating he gave us a man who systematically brought some sense of identification to the wonderful region which was forgotten.
“Apart from Rtd. Maj. General Mulinge, all weatherman sycophant Mulu Mutisya, an elite Kitili Mwendwa, no kamba son ever reached to where he is.

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The larger area of what used to be Kitui far north. Nationally, Tseikuru was unmarked village. Only loitering bandits could appear, and dispear, but due to him, the place found a seat at present Kenya map.

What he forgot, was to carry with him his poor villagers thus never empowered his poor people economically although he created an impression that through him, there was hope for a kambaman becoming a president.
The empty hopes were hijacked by the opportunists who thrived on miracles that their son was at a throw away distance to the presidency.
Through out his smooth political career, he never coined any meaningful narrative to further his political cause although some people tried to coin some loose words, Ngumbau ya Kenya after acrimonious walk away from Moi rule.


The tag was silently dropped.
Those people who had created hopes on him are more bitter because people who were thought might carry SKM name beyond ukambani aren’t interested Kivutha Kibwana, Charity Kaluki Ngilu, Alfred Mutua and Sonko Mbuvi.

His quarter century stay as a Mwingi North MP is highly debatable in Ngura Nation.
Anyway, it was a false start for the emancipation of Kamba Nation.

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Blessed Sunday free from political malocusts.