One killed after Quarry collapse In Litein



A survivor of incident finally talks after she survived after the quarry wall caved killing one an incident which at Kusumek quarry in Litein ,Bureti Sub County -Kericho County.

Faith Chebet ,15 , a highschool student narrates that on the material day of 14 May in the morning hours they woke up as normally ready to assist their parents to carry out household chores and they went on find out to collect a soil which is said to be vital in furnishing a mud house at a two Kilometers walk quarry from home.

“On that day we woke up early in the morning and decided to search for soil to furnish the mud house for our parents. We arrived at the quarry at around 9.00AM and I became the first to get inside the hole before I was joined by my sister”, Chebet said.

She said as they were on the process of digging the soil within no time the quarry collapsed on them .
“A sudden darkness strapped my eyes nevertheless I didn’t understand what has occurred which began shouting to my Creator ‘God help Me!Help me God! “, Chebet lamented.

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Chebet said she could not make any movement and was left figuring out about her twin sister who was at home who didn’t join them .

“From such a darkness I didnt vividly understood what happened to me and was shocked to have found my self at the hospital bed and yet was not ailing from any disease”,Chebet added.

Benard Tinet a father to the children narrated that on that day he woke up well but was feeling dizzy .
“The day began to be good but was full of dizziness since I didn’t make to go to the tea farm to pluck tea like the normal routine.At around 10:00 AM I recieved a call from a good Samaritan asking me to drive to the quarry site,I didn’t hesitate where I call my brother to join me”,Tinet said.

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Tinet also said on their way to site his car developed a mechanical proplem giving them hard time .

“It took a sometime to diacognise such a mechanical and there after we arrived at the site and found a crowd of people , I began like trembling and what came to my mind i thought of my two daughters who had gone to the quarry”,Tinet added.

He said he was approached by the men from the crowd and reveal to him that the quarry had collapsed but his two daughters had been saved from a such disaster.

“I was told to accompany daughters to the hospital to seek treatment,upon arriving at AIC kapkatet Mission Hospital the doctors attended to the patient were able to receive a medical attention”,He said.

Tinet said he later transferred Chebet to Tenwek Hospital in Bomet county for futher medication and had no knowledge that his daughter Chepngeno had succumbed to death .

“Later at about 5:00 PM in the evening my brother told me we had lost the deceased but I didn’t believe that it had happen it really disturb my mine till to date asking questions without answers How and why did these happened to my family and on February 14 this year we had another grief after we lost minor boy who was diacognise with cancer”, Tinet said sadly.

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According to Chemosot ward Member of county assembly William Soy griefed that they his community had lost a brighter student.

“We have lost a life through an act which we can’t understood and therefore urged the all qaurry owners to e fence the mining site so as not to encounter such disasters again “,Soy said.

Soy also called upon parents to ensure their children stay home at this pandemic season and not to allow them visit any related site like quarries which are suspected to may cause havoc to the community.