Offended are you bitter or better?


By guest writer.

Why do some people have to really get worked up for them to say forcefully what is on their mind? Are you the kind who has to first get really angry to say what you want to say but just cant say it “under normal circumstances”? .

Why do we have to get quite emotional first to speak “our truth”? Is it because we doubt that it isnt “our truth”?

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Same goes for the opposite, when we have to get very excited to speak something “important”! Why not say it just normally and with an even tone without emotional overtones?.

Again, why do some women ask for what they want from their men when angry while others ask in the middle of making love? Does “emotionalising” an issue make it “more real” or true? .

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Can we make a very valid point across devoid of emotionalism? Do people who speak “unemotionally” appear more real or more unreal to you? Offended by a friend are you bitter or better, have we learned lessons from those who oppose us? Think of it.