conversation has been awash with speculation of changing allegiances and budding alliances. Being the biggest and most experienced player on the scene, ODM has been mentioned quite a bit.

Knowing that partnerships are an essential part of our politics, the Orange Democratic Movement is also working on a broader, better and bolder alliance that will shake the country and shape the politics of the land for years to come.

As an avowed centre-left movement, our ideals of social democracy and desire to empower the masses and fight poverty hold supreme above all else.

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The new alliance will have younger and fresh blood with clear ideological positions on the issues of the day.

As a party, we are done with the fading breed of tribal politicians whose singular focus over the years has been on what they can extract from our sweat, and from the country.

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We are focused on an Alliance that adds to the national discourse not what it gets, a coalition that adds not takes away from us.

Our record of building coalitions, building bridges with perceived enemies and propping up younger and energetic leaders speaks for itself. We are working on one again.

But it is not just coalitions and alliances we are working on. We are strengthening ourselves as a party and preparing to compete everywhere in the country.

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In some places we will fight alone. In others, we will fight alongside allies.

Party supporters and members need to look forward to a new order and let those coalescing around their perceived tribal bases in the hopes of blackmailing others to endorse them be.

The post BBI alliance ODM is working on will be fresh, strong, vibrant and packed with men and women who can stand on their own and give birth to a new nation post- BBI.

Edwin Sifuna
Secretary General
25th March 2020