ODM Must Apologise Over Kibra Violence or forget BBI report -Mp Moses Kuria


Mp Moses Kuria has threatened to shoot down BBI 4u on Parliament over just concluded kibra by-election, where violence erupted on the voting day, the COUNTY DIARY has learnt

Gatundu South Mp Moses Kuria says that he will shoot BBI report down because the violence witnessed in this by ODM in the just concluded by-elections.

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ODM Party has to apologise for the Kibra violence. No apology, no BBI. We have to say No to political violence once and for all. Imran would have won anyway so what was the need to beat up Jubilee MPs in front of women and children? A leopard does not change its stripes, Mp said on social media account.

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The outspoken Mp scrubbed away the so-called handshake usev1 and it’s so evident that his people can not work with Raila, Mp said.

Remember they said Kibra seat was a baby by a handshake, so is handshake inclusive or it’s for the few “mighty” ones? So whose behalf is Moses speaking for? We have no idea.

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Majority leaders in senator hon kipchumba Mulkomen has also said he will not table the report on the floufloorthe assembly if Raila Odinga will not condemn the k