From the Office of Kitui Deputy Governor, Dr Wathe Nzau.

Nymphs(young locust) spraying update, in Kitui County.

Hatching started between 19th February 2020 to 1st March, 2020 in the following breeding sites-:

  1. Kyuso Ward-
    °Kyethetu/ Kiseuni.
    2.Mumoni Ward –
    °Nguutani in Mutanda Village.
  2. Tseikuru Ward- °Kaivirya.
  3. Tharaka Ward-
    °Kadimba .

Ground spraying schedule:
1.) At Maseki in Kyuso Ward it started on 24th February 2020 and ended on 28th February 2020.
2.)At Kyoea/ Kakuyu in Mumoni Ward was done on 2nd March, 2020.
3.) At Mbarani in Mumoni Ward spraying was done and is now complete.
4.) At Kasiongo and Ngungani in Mumoni Ward spraying was done on 3rd March, 2020.
5.) At Kyandali in Mumoni Ward was done 4th March, 2020.
6.) At Kyethetu/Kiseuni in Kyuso Ward, spraying was done from 4th-6th March, 2020.
7.) Kaivirya in Tseikuru Ward was done on 4th March, 2020.
8.) Kadimba in Tharaka Ward also spraying was done on 4th March, 2020.
9.) At Nguutani in Mutanda Village, Mumoni Ward was fully done on 6th March, 2020.

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Lastly, at Usueni in Tseikuru Ward and Magara in Tharaka Ward, ground spraying started on friday last week and will still continue today.

As Kitui County Government we highly appreciate the work done by the team of 150 Service men from the National Youth Service and the members of the community, in spraying the Nymphs in all breeding sites.

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