Nuu Residents In Mwingi Demand Former MCA Maundu Back in 2022


By PATRICK KIMANZI – County Diary Editor in NUU

NUU, MWINGI– Majority of residents in Nuu Ward in Mwingi want former Wiper MCA Kilonzi Maundu to make a comeback in 2022 owing to his 100 projects unbeaten record.

Speaking to the Press at Nuu town on Wednesday, the residents pointed out how the proflic former Kitui County Assembly majority leader managed to initiate and complete many development projects due to his networking skills with other leaders.

Maundu 100 projects record

“More than 100 sustainable projects by initiated by Former Wiper majority leader in Kitui County Assembly Hon. Kilonzi Maundu are still flourishing and impacting positively livelihoods of residents of the semi-arid Nuu Ward in Mwingi central consistency” said Kyalo Salee, a Bodaboda chairman based at Nuu market, Nuu.

Engamba Insecurity

Speaking to reporters at the bandit prone Engamba, accompanied by Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi on a fact finding mission last month, the popular Wiper politician Kilonzi Maundu had this to say;

“I have a very good working relationship with all leaders, not only in Wiper but across the Political devide in Kitui. During my tenure, I initiated over 100 projects which are sustainable due to the quality of my work” said the politician, who holds a Diploma in County Governance & Management.Hon. Kilonzi Maundu represented Nuu Ward in Mwingi Central Constituency from 5th March 2013 to 16th July 2017 after a by-election occasioned by the demise of his elder brother.


Majority Leader

He has a highly chequered career in Wiper politics and was duly elected as the Majority Leader in the Kitui County Assembly.


In the water cohort, a scarce commodity in Nuu, Hon. Maundu managed to drill over 5 boreholes in Nuu Ward including Engamba, Nuu, Mutonyeko, Nyaani and Kathanze.He told this writer he commissioned Earthdams at Kawelu, Itavangungi, Mutulu, Kinondoni, Mutonyeko and Kaiu.The former MCA did sub-service dams (min’geto) at Katisaa, Ilalu, Ndia and Nyaani.

“Other local catchments can be found in the remotest parts of Nuu including Kaluku, Ngieni and a pipeline from Mula to Kathanze that is capable of serving over 2000 households if properly maintained”, he said.


On Education, the former MCA who worked closely with former Kitui governer Malombe constructed 10 ECD classes ensuring that over 3000 nursery pupils have sustainable access to basic education. Most primary schools also have boarding facilities due to his efforts. They include Mwangeni, Kavuti, Ngangani and Mwambiu.The former MCA also ensured learning materials including books were supplied to the schools.

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ECD Classes

The ECD classes can be found in Kaluilaa, Kavindu, Kawala, Kathanze, Kawelu, Mwalili, Mutonyeko, Imwaa, Kiliku, Kithituni, Kavuti, Kwa Mutunga, Kawala, Nuu, Nuu, Myuuni, Kamuluyuni complete with teachers.

Safaricom Masts

On the digital front, the MCA spearheaded the lobbying mission which led to the construction of a Safaricom network mast at Kavuti, Nyaani, Wingemi and Engamba leading enabling more than people, who had been initially rendered incommunicado to communicate via mobile phone both socially and for purposes.

Health Upgrades

During his reign, the health sector in the ward improved tremendously with construction of a new Admission ward at Nuu Sub-District hospital including a mortuary and a theatre.At Matulani dispensary, Maundu initiated a pharmacy store.He also constructed the Kyumbe and Ngieni dispensary and helped procure an ambulance for Nuu which later broke down.

Market & Bodaboda sheds

The former MCA also constructed Market sheds at Mwambiu, Nuu town, Mutyangome, Nyaani, Kavindu and Kaai and Wingemi for use by market traders.”Maundu has helped us by constructing boda boda sheds at Nuu town and Mutyangome” said Kyalo Salee, a chairman.

Mulika Mwizi Lights

The ex-MCA in partnership with former Kitui County Governer Malombe erected Mulika Mwizi solar lights at Nyaani, Mwambiu, Mukaui, Yatwa, Mutyangome, Kaai and Mwangeni bolstering security in the areas.

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Plastic Chairs & Tents

On youth and women, the leader together with MP Mulyungi have distributed over 500 plastic chairs and tents to over 34 women groups in Nuu area.

School Harambees

It must be mentioned that Hon. Kilonzi Maundu has been profilic on education and academic upliftment through harambees in Nuu having initiated 2 classes and fencing of the once neglected Yatwa and Kathanze Secondary Schools.He is also a founder member of Ngieni polytechnic which has an enrollment of over 300 youths being trained on technical subjects to acquire skills to complete in the job market.

Maundu & Tsunami Roads

During his tenure, Maundu rehabilitated over 3,000 kilometres of rural feeder roads to ease transportation of farm produce. He helped construct the Nuu-Iviani Wingemi-Ukasi bridge over Enziu together with MP Mulyungi. The duo were involved in constructing the Endau-Ndovoini road near Kitui East border.

Honey collection

He also initiated a honey collection point at Nuu Market where farmers collect the honey ready for transport to Mwingi market.