Nurturing Youth Talents Is Part of My Agenda – Mulyungi



MWINGI– Nurturing youths and their talents is part of my agenda, Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi has said.

The Wiper MP was addressing more than 2000 youths including local leaders and MCAs at the just concluded Kitui County Comedy Edition on Sunday in Mwingi.

The popular legislator, who has been on the forefront in championing youth activities in Mwingi – including provision of balls and uniform kits to hundreds of youth clubs while facilitating their travel expenses said;

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“Issues impacting the youth – and solutions to tackle these – are at the forefront of My Manifesto”.

Echoing the MP, Kitui Gospel star Caxton Mitambuki said.

“As the Chairman of MGAA, we have seen Tsunami’s innovative work on nurturing youthful talents. This year more than 2000 youths were involved in a massive youth Talents Search Engine, fully supported by MP Mulyungi”.

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The MP was flanked by Kitui County Assembly MCAs including Maema (Kivou), Kanandu (Mumoni), Kawaya (Nuu) and Kavolonza (Mui) and a host of other Kitui County Government officials.