By Muli Ngala

A Kitui County Wiper Party sycophant has come out lashing out to Machakos and Makueni County leaders and a section of Kitui leaders.

Mwingi known goon has on many occasions insulted Kamba Governors Mutua, Kibwana and Ngilu in what is seen to be a blind political provocation. The insults recorded on phone are aimed to malign, character assassinate and portray the governors to be evil by holding a divergent opinion against popular party leader
Is it not clear who hires this goon to insult Governors, This has left netizens tongue wagging, this is cheap and immoral to hire fools insult leaders.

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A few months ago, the goon targeted Makueni Senator Mutula Jnr over imaginations by some insecure Wiper people, alleging the senator ought to make political statements.

He further went ahead in the record to castigate the Senator in reference to his late father; which is inhuman and insensitive to a person who hasn’t fully healed from a loss of a parent few years.

The goon for hire has hurled insults to Governor Mutua for choosing to support President Uhuru Kenyatta. He might be on a payroll to tarnish the image of Dr Mutua and the people of Machakos County by saying they are fools and will regret electing Mutua.

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Recently, he publicly released audio records of insults to Gvn Ngilu and demeaned Narc Party and all MCAs elected in the party ticket.

The fellow is now at it again insulting Makueni County Assembly leadership and depicting the leaders as immoral like his masters, he usually purports to be an advocate of Kamba community to follow a certain political direction.

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It has not been clear who has been hiring this notorious goon to insult leaders who deem to be having a divergent opinion against a popular party in ukambani

A political party insider has indicated that the goon is untouchable, he enjoys immunity from the party and he is usually on payroll by some leaders to malign someone.