No More Desert Locusts in Kitui – Says Wathe Nzau



Monday, 4th January, 2021, a second invasion of Desert Locust(DL) in Kitui County update.

From Kitui Deputy Governor’s Desk.

“The second Swarms of Desert Locust which invaded Kitui County last week are no more” This was the remarks of Kitui Deputy Governor Dr Wathe Nzau today.

Dr Wathe Nzau, was mandated by H.E Governor Charity Ngilu, to coordinate the technical team from the National and County Government, which was dealing with the Swarms of Desert Locust which had invaded different areas in Mutha and Kanziko Wards last week on 27th December, 2020.

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After a series of aerial spraying, the Swarm which was in Mutha Ward has been decimated while the splinter Swarm is suspected to have crossed to Tsavo East Game reserve.

The Swarm which was at Kanziko Ward, has headed towards West and is now suspected to have crossed to Makueni County.

Therefore, I sincerely thank H.E Governor Charity Ngilu for the quick action she took by contacting the Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture Hon Peter Munya, who immediately responded by directing officers heading Plants Protection Services(PPS) and Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO), to collaborate with Kitui County Government in managing the menace.

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I also thank our County Agriculture CECM Emmanuel Kisangau and his Chief Officer James Songolo and the entire technical team for their much commitment, in making sure Kitui residents are free from Swarms of Desert Locust.