The war of words between Kitui east Member of parliament Hon Nimrod Mbai and his arch critic Mr Mulaimu Continued to escalate over the Control of the rich kitui east voting Zone.

Dear Good people of Kitui East,
I want to greet you in Jesus name.It’s my prayer that The Lord will continue caring for you during this trying moment of covid-19.Let us be strong,we shall over come.
Many of you may have noted my exchange of words with the mp for Kitui East.

I would say this is unfortunate Ideally we should have been discussing matters of value to our people.But you all know this guy has serious disorder: chest thumbing, abusing, threatening,goonism call it….. ,with all the impunity, His aim is to cow every voice so that he steals our resources with no complain.He has abused ordinary people, communities, chiefs, teachers, youth, helpless mothers and other leaders.

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Two days back he abused me for no reason, testing me beyond any endurance.I didn’t get voted to parliament but I’m confident that I have some voice for kitui East in matters of leadership.The misbehaviour of this political parasite must be stopped at all cost.
This mp is a political parasite,he won his seat through Deep state and conmanship.He knows it.How he was rigged was leaked in a County security meeting at muthungue in voo/kyamau ward.He had no capacity to win the seat,he doesn’t have it even now.And he knows it .You can tell by his current sycophancy outburst.
About our cdf, we shall revisit let be told.

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To show that he is firmly in charge, Kitui East Mp Responded in equal Measures.

Nimrod Mbai Somebody may think Mulaimu was number two with a very small margin

Mulaimu was a poor number three, Umau, you need to question the people and may be Kitute but not Nimrod

I have done my best, I will continue learning and doing better, my people are happy with it and I will get re-elected in 2022 and there after go for a bigger seat and there is nothing Mulaimu Mavusyu can do about it.

Mulaimu has been rejected by the County Assembly of Kitui two times due to his antagonistic, cry baby, Mama’s boy behaviour

Hii siasa hainanga huruma na haitaki makasiriko.

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Kitui East was there before Mulaimu was born and it will be there long after Mulaimu is gone, what has made Malaimu think that no body else can run the constituency except him for the last 20 years is what makes God deny him the opportunity to serve our people

He lost his first election when I was in form 3, and he has gone ahead to lose in several elections, why is this fellow bitter with me, hapa hakuna huruma, hapa hakuna mamako….hii ni game ya wanaume….utatiwa kidole macho na ukianza kulia utiwe ….”Kenya”

Kama Mbaya! Mbaya! + Kusaasa Kusaasa – Mbai wrote on the social media.