Nimrod Mbai & Mulaimu Ping Pong in Supremacy Showdown


A war of words is escalating between powerful Kitui East Member of Parliament Hon Nimrod Mbai pitting him against perenial and certified loser and three time former Mp aspirant Mr Mulaimu Muvusyu.

The ping pong has surfaced again and this time it is an all scale no holds barred provocation between the two politicians.

During a hot online discussions Nimrod was quoted telling off Mr Mulaimu whom be described as a cartel to go to hell and hang.

Check the conversation threads (ABRIDGED)

One of the perceived political cartel in kitui east wrote

“When we go to election we got to elect leaders who can change,improve and uplift the living standards of the people in that area development wise!

It pains and unfair to see our people suffer when they have elected leaders but the same leaders have become hyenas who turn back and start eating their people.

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I wonder what makes a leader not to pick a simple phone call from his or her electorate neither his/her PA,but the same will be calling his or her electorate when the next election nears!

Things on ground have changed and come 2022 things would be the same,we can not have leaders siphoning money in the name of development and when you go on ground nothing is happening,we tried of political conmen ,the only beneficiaries are family members and cronies when the youth is left to chew munguka ,women and disabled are left on their own,Change is coming and the thunder that will strike these leaders is doing press-ups in heaven!Its time for change for better”

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This post by one of Son from Kitui east has caused mixed reaction as political differences between Mp Mbai and is long time political critic Mr Mulaimu busted Into flames.

MULAIMU : “It has been unfortunate for Kitui East.

When a failure gets into a political power through conmanship and push from powers who are not accountable to the electorate, just count a wast of five yrs.

What motivation does such leadership has to respect the electorates?

Mtu alishikwa mkono and keeps on bragging around but just a mobile weakling and mannerless”

To prove that he is firmly in charge of the Consitituency, Kitui East Member of Parliament Hon Nimrod Mbai Who is known by His BOLDNESS and His special tangline Kama Mbaya Mbaya, Kusasaa – Kusasaa fired back!

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MP NIMROD: Power is with the people, the people evaluates their electee’s performance…I never give a damn with cartels led by self centered hungry fellows.

We have an opportunity in 2022, where those who voted will evaluate the work done.

You don’t unseat an MP by hating him or her, you need to have another candidate who can gunner more votes than the guy you don’t like.

Am ready to face my haters head-on, Nikishindwa, I go home…..but you guys needs to do your homework right before you face Mbaya Mbaya nundu nusaasa

Hii siasa haiataki makasiriko

Nimrod wrote on social media.