Night Nurses Smile all the way to bank Over BBI billions


The night nurses who are said to operate towns to towns has thanked politicians for continued popularisation of BBI saying the business is at the pick level over BBl billions

Several Night nurses have recently relocated to major town in the country to have
their share of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) money.

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According to the grapevine, numerous night nurses thronged the small town at
night, covering every corner’s inch of it.

The women, clad in short
dresses, made a kill from MCAs and politicians drivers.

The women, Claimed that politicians who had attended the event did not disappoint, adding that there were enough politicians and money to go around.

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The business was good, according to some night nurses who came all the way from kisumu to kakamenga in the last BBI meeting, they are reportedly heading to mombasa over the weekend where the BBI meeting will be held.

” I will be waiting for the next BBI meeting and we will definitely be there, politicians are making our business boom, one of the night added.