Nguutani Residents Hail Mwingi West MP CNN For Luli Drift After 60 Years



MWINGI-Residents of Nguutani in Mwingi West Constituency have a reason to smile after the local MP finally commissioned the famous Luli drift after 60 years of waiting.

Speaking to reporters last week, MP Charles Nguna termed the Luli drift as having been a “nightmare” for Nguutani ward residents since independence.

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” It’s a pity that all subsquent politicians since independence have been using the Luli Drift as a campaining tool since independence.

They have been hoodwinking Nguutani residents but in vain. I did the Luli drift in my first two years in power” said MP Nguna.

Meanwhile MP Nguna work on waterpans is in full throttle;

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For example one of the ongoing projects at Itoloni location whereby 100 families are set to benefit from water pans ranging between 1000, 1500, 2500 and 3000 cubic metres is in full swing.

This COUNTY DIARY correspondent witnessed as huge earth moving machines pilled soil and debris from nearby shambas as we want to Press.