Nguni Residents Set To Enjoy Clean Piped Water Soon


Water 💦 Water 💦 Water 💦

Thirsty residents of Nguni and adjoining areas in Mwingi Sub-County and will now be a happiest lot courtesy of Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu clean piped water initiative, COUNTY DIARY reports.

The County Government of Kitui has continued to initiate major water projects in the arid and semi-arid areas of Mwingi Sub-County, guided by Governor Ngilu’s successful 5 Pillar Manifesto.

According to those privy to project roadmap, the escalated supply of fresh piped water project include an intake pump well from Enziu River

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This will be powered by a 400 megawatt solar pumping system.

The rising pipeline will pump water into a 40m cubed raised tank with a distribution systems dedicated to Nguni town and environs.

The contractor is expected to complete the works by end of the end of February

Once completed, the project will soon ensure a fresh supply of clean piped water for Nguni residents” said the engineer tasked with the project speaking to COUNTY DIARY.

Yesterday County Government delegation led by Ministry of Water Chief Officer Mr Kiilu last week visited the proposed site for Kakea Earth Dam together with MCA Maema for KIVOU Ward where the contractor promised to mobilize machinery this weekend for works to begin in earnest on Monday.

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In the afternoon the team visited a massive dam at Kwambiti in Tseikuru Ward which is set for a major rehabilitation and facelift to the tune of Ksh 21million.

The delegation also visited the site accompanied by the local MCA Kilaa whereby the contractor promised to complete the project by mid March.

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This will set the stage in readiness to harvest water from during the upcoming long rains.

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