Ngilu’s Top Minister Meets Residents Over Kiroboko Sand Tussle


On Monday 23rd, September 2020, Kiromboko Sand Harvesting Zone, in Mumoni/Kiomo Kyethani Wards,
Mwingi North/Mwingi West Sub-Counties – Kitui County H.E Governor Ngilu stepped in to solve Sand Harvesting loaders stand off with the Investor at Kiromboko site in lower Tyaa River/Kiambere Dam.

In a public meeting presided by the Ag. Kitui County Minister for Tourism, Sports and Culture who is also the Ag. County Minister for Environment and Natural Resources Hon Patrick Koki Musau met with the residents of Kiromboko area and the sand harvesting investor to address matters regarding the issue of loading sand to her Lorries.

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The Governor and the community once more settled on the issues below.

The residents had complained to the investor by harvesting sand using buckles to load her Lorries siting lack of efficiency in terms of the numbers of lorries the loaders are loading per hour which is against the agreement they had made with H.E Governor Ngilu that loading will be done by the residents using shovels as a way of empowering them.

Later it emerged that the CBO’s which was established to cater for the community has been receiving so much money from the Investor at the expense of the loaders.

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Finally it was unanimously agreed that the Ag. County Minister for Environment and Natural Resources to temporarily stop the CBO’s from receiving Cess from Kiromboko Sand harvesting so as to pave way for review on the benefits of the Cess they collect to the community and from tomorrow the Investor should give that money to the loaders.

This way, the area residents will benefit directly in line with our Governors manifesto pillar no. 5 of wealthy creation to both Youth and Women.

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Kiromboko River in lower Tyaa of Kiambere Dam has become an hub of economic investment and the Ag. County Minister for Environment together with our Governor are urging more investors to come and invest on sand harvesting by desilting the Dam so that more residents can benefit since the site is open for any willing investor who is interested.

Once more investors comes, the CBO’s will resume collection of Cess.