On 16th June, 2019, the National Rainbow coalition national chairman (NARC) Mr Millitonic Mwendwa Kimanzi KITUTE issued a statement in regards to the ongoing wrangles between kitui assembly and the executive arm of the Government.

“We wish to express our grievances and frustrations with how business is being contacted in our Kitui County Assembly.

The honorable members of our county Assembly were elected by our people with due mandate of legislating on their behalf to ensure that political and social economic development is felt by mwananchi at grassroots level.

However, the members of the County Assembly have abandoned this honorable responsibility and pursued unproductive political supremacy battle.

“These battles are instigated by the one Hon Senator Kiio who is a member of the Wiper party, the majority party in the County Assembly.

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It is indeed shameful and disgraceful that the elected senator of Kitui County has been inciting members of the assembly allied to his party against the governor of kitui hon charity Ngilu.

We want to tell the senator that no amount of sideshows that will erase the fact that the honorable senator has failed in his mandate to represent our county in the Senate.

While the governor is working around the clock to do service delivery and development to her people, the Members of the County Assembly are always waiting to shoot down governor’s agenda once it lands at the Assembly.

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Do we need to mention how the MCAs allied to Wiper have been sabotaging the governor in various ways? From the unnecessary delay in passing budgets, politicizing vetting processes of governor’s appointees to now maliciously plotting to impeach the governor.

The people of Kitui County deserve the best available service delivery and development.

HE Governor Charity Kaluki has launched several flagship revolutionary programs like KCHIC, KICOTEC and recently KIYOSEC. These programs have not only created massive employment opportunities for our youths but also boasted livelihoods of people of Kitui County.

It is in spirit of wanting the fruits of devolution to be enjoyed by the people of Kitui County that we write to the president of the republic of Kenya to suspend our county.

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Let everyone starting from the governor to the MCAs be send home and elections be held again so that the people can elect people to serve them.

This is a decision that we have made with a clear conscience and we fully understand the consequences of such action should our request go through. If whatever is happening in the County Assembly goes on, then the people of Kitui who took time to vote for leaders to dispense services to them will only suffer more.