Ngilu’s One Year &11 Month Scorecard keeps her political Enemies Guessing


By Musangi

Gover Ngilu has been office for 1 year and 11 months. That’s a long way from the mandate of 5 years.

While the rejection of the supplementary budget by the Cash Assembly is a set back to government operations and essentially punishes the common mwananchi, it will not fundamentally cripple service delivery. There will be a solution to this temporary set back. Government will bounce back.

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There is no empirical determination that Governor Ngilu has lost touch with mwananchi. Anyone making assertions of that nature will need to demonstrate that over and above social media heckling and ululations.

Granted, two or three people may disagree in principle with the governor and that’s within their right which is at the core of any democracy.

Those who have chosen to disagree with Governor Ngilu based on other considerations other than development and the common good of Kitui County are also free to do so. The world will not come to an end on that basis alone.

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No one individual carries the entire Kitui County voters in their pockets and as such, any threats of any kind do not merit in anyway, regardless of which quarters such threats emanate from.

Governor Ngilu continues to do her best to develop Kitui county, deliver services to residents, provide solutions to emerging challenges in an extremely polarized political environment full of saboteurs.

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The time to evaluate and asses her success, will come and that evaluation will be done at the ballot by voters not self declared enemies of development.