Ngilu’s Enviroment Minister Patrick Musau Visits MwalaNite Wonder Soil In Mutomo


On Wednesday 9th, September 2020 – Kitui County Ag. Minister for Environment and Natural Resources led a Ministry delegation to “Mwala Wonder Soil” in Mutomo.

Kitui County Minister for Tourism, Sports and Culture who is also the Ag. County Minister for Environment and Natural Resources Hon Patrick Koki Musau visited the farm of Mr Michael Kivoto at Kithini, Mwala village, Mutomo Ward Kitui South Sub-County where the Wonder Soil is being excavated locally.

The county Minister established that the soil was there in plenty which was discovered by Mr Kivoto as he was preparing an earth Dam in his farm. This was after an excavator scooped top soils when they reached to a soil which looked like cement and when the soil was tested for construction it behaved like cement and he has been using it in his home for construction of his home structures.

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The Wonder soil which is 2km from Mutomo town sketches from Mutomo-Kanziko road to Kibwezi Kitui highway, He further said during the construction of Kibwezi-Kitui highway the Chinese Sinohydro construction company visited the site and told him that there was a special Murram which they requested him to lease them the land so that they can excavate and use it for construction of the said highway an offer which he declined.

Mr Micheal Kivoto told the Minister that he has assisted many people with the soil who wants to use it as Murram or any other local constructions purposes. Yesterday he received a delegation of officers from County Government of Machakos who were still interested with the Wonder Soil.

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He gave samples to Kitui County Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources officers to facilitate for more tests to establish what kind of soil it is including it’s possible more uses both locally and Industrial.

Mr Kivoto has been using the Wonder soil for his local construction where it is used for; plastering in a ratio of 6:1, construction of a house using it as motor ratio of 7:1, fitting floor tiles ratio of 5:1, wall tiles, service water tanks as well as underground tanks, paving slaps, machine cuts 6:1, it can also be used to construct a house using it as trapper in walls. NB; The above ratios shows that the soil uses a small amount of cement and does not use any mixture of sand.

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NB; The Wonder Soil is in addition to his farming activities where he has done alot of Mianda Irrigation where he plants, Onions, Spinach, Butternuts, Mangoes, Pawpaws, Pineapples alongside Chicken rearing, Ducks, african Guinea fowl and Turkeys. Mr Kivoto also utilizes the entire solid waste products which are recycled to be used as product like chicken feeds, manure and Dog food.

Other officers accompanying the County Minister were the Ag. Chief Officer for Environment and Natural Resources Everlyn Musembi, Assistant Director for Natural Resources Rachael Mwangangi, Ward Administrator Mutomo Ward Mr. Festus Mbuthi among others.