Ngilu’s Bursary Disbursement Enters Homestretch In Mwingi North



Over 7,000 students in Kitui County have benefited from the escalated disbursement of bursary cheques, The COUNTY DIARY reports.The week-long exercise overseen by Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu was done by a galaxy of senior county government officials.

The exercise which is sponsored by the Ministry of basic Education and the Governor herself has seen the Ngilu-led administration receive accolades from the beneficiaries.

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In Mwingi North – the last bastion of the exercise was led by the Chief Officer County Ministry of Basic Education Madam Agneta Peter.

Speaking after issuing several cheques, Madam CO reiterated the Governor’s commitment in education the sector.

She further, urged ward administrators , village to emulate the national Government and have their offices Branded as ” Office of the Governor, Kitui County”. Because they are the representative of the Governor at the village level.Ends____________