Ngilu Under Pressure from leaders to Make Overall changes in Gvt


Kitui Governor is under pressure from local leaders to make overall changes in her government, so that she can be at peace with locals, it might be noisy and messy but it’s long overdue, Re-organising a government is a delicate affair. It may take time but it will definitely come.

We need to see more Government on the ground, Administrators on the ground must work to disseminate information on Government programs and achievements,They must be in touch with the people, advocate Kimuli said.

I have attended a number of funerals and mostly no one stands up to pass condolences on behalf of the county government, yet we have adminstrators up to the locational level.

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The Governor can’t be everywhere, But she has her people everywhere. Communications and media need work extra hard,”I am not sure who is in charge”,

But information about government activities needs to be readily available. We need to use mainstream media more and more. The County Treasury needs a careful overhaul. Not just a reshuffle.kimuli added

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The county urgently needs a County Attorney,Someone with a spine who will stand up to those who like to advise themselves on matters of the law.

The Governor had made an excellent choice in Rachel Osendo. I am sure she will get it right again. The County Government needs a fair but thorough performance appraisal for its key officers. a fair assessment, this government has performed very well.

I think the Governor’s implementation team will plug all leakages and provide advice on areas that need urgent attention. If a reshuffle comes, I can assure you it will benefit from input from the manifesto implementation team.

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What they need now is a control team of outsiders who will flag out areas that need attention. By outsiders I mean Kituians who are not interested in personal selfish benefit, and who are not on the county payroll. These will work for hand in hand which the official manifesto implementation team.