Ngilu Unbowed as stretch to 2022 Hots Ups


Kitui Govenor Charity Ngilu remains untamed and unstoppable by the rumoured rivals in the coming 2022 elections! The COUNTY DIARY can Now report

The self-styled politician is master strategist and remains a lone ranger in male dominated elective politics – one of the most famous female politicians in Kenya and probably across the globe.

Ngilu escalation of development projects while rganizing County development journey to capture the Kitui electorate and pull a formidable self driven united front by 2022!

What will be the impact of the 800 units in the munipality?

It will be extremely interesting to see the new sprawling colored affordable housing stand in the suburbs of the kitui munipality ! This will remind the electorates of an incomparable performer and this will drive the governor to a early come back!

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What will be the effect of EPZ to the electorates by 2022 ?

The Epz in its full operation surprisingly from controversial kicotec to an industrial park by 2022 will sweep away critics to the dust bin !It will employ Over 2000 people both directly and indirectly a game changer which will earn even defenders in the face of critics

How will it be in the face of Ai program by 2022?

The Ai project bulls will be fully grown and roaring like lions providing magnificent sceneries in Many families across the 35000 square kilometers county ! This will provide an edge to Governor and a sure winning bet from the excited electorates!

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What will be the test of Kchic by 2022 in the entire county?

The wonderful kchic program purposely for health care access by all in the county will have benefited many by 2022 at the dot!So the governor will score alot in the face of the kchik beneficiaries!
It will be hard to lay grounds of criticism of the government of the day in the face of Kchic witnesses and testimonies.

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So what do we conclude on the game changers by 2022?

All these projects and programmes will definitely and inevitably mature before 2022 and it will not be possible to campaign against or deny open and plain performance from the most competent self styled politician in the highest offices perceived to be Man’s haven!

So is Charity Kaluki Ngilu on the path back to the oval office in the county come 2022!

Definitely yes! She has approximately two years and six months and with the phase already set to record the heights of developments in the game changers by 2022,her triumph is inevitable .

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