NGILU Toys with Tangatanga, sends secret mission to Ruto



Opinion: H.E Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu is at it again…playing her best political magic tricks that have borne her through the greatest of political turmoils in history. And beating everyone flat.

Note that the country is at crossroads once again. Kenyans must choose between a new constitutional order under the Building Bridges Initiative or stick to the 2010 constitutional scenario that we stand in today.

Since BBI was mooted, Ngilu has stood with it, defending it by hook and crook. And even hosting one of the initial BBI popularization rallies where she ran roughshod on perceived opponents.

She organized goons and ruffians to beat, harass and shame oppositionists like Kipchumba Murkomen and Moses Kuria during a Kitui BBI rally on February 1, 2020.

But Ngilu’s political antennae never fail. She has kept them aloft, sensing and scrutinizing the emerging political trends in the country.

Shrewd and sharp as always, Governor Ngilu is not the type to sleep on her laurels and wait for chance and good luck to come beckoning!

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Thus smart Ngilu crafted a scheme to keep herself in good terms with DP Ruto led camp while at the same time cohabiting with the pro BBI camp.

Two days ago, Ngilu foot soldiers among them three MCAs from her party, NARC, a mix of her hardline activists and foot soldiers were hosted by Tanga tanga Kitui pointman Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai at Kitui Cottages Hotel.

The MP is also a secret Ngilu ally who came into limelight when he played a leading role in defeating the Governor’s impeachment on July 14, 2020 by being used to buy off Kitui East MCAs from the impeachment bid and facilitating their hideout in Tsavo National Park.

In the meeting, it was agreed that MP Mbai would prepare the ground for Ngilu’s entry by including her foot soldiers and MCAs in the visit to DP Ruto by leaders from Ukambani.

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Only yesterday, as a section Ukambani leaders led by former Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama visited DP Ruto at his Karen home in Nairobi, the Ngilu fronts were all visible placed in strategic positions.

These poitmen were namely: MCAs Wa Ngunze (Chuluni), Ruth Kyene (Nzambani) and Ndoo Mwanzia (Kitui Township). Others were Moses Munyalo (Narc Security Chief alias Commander), Katunda King’ang’i (Narc Youth Chair), Erastus Koumbulu (Chief of Staff designate), Frank Kilonzo (Youth Leader, Township) Sammy Muisyo ( Mwingi Political Chief Campaigner), Charles Titus Kisingi (Narc Youth Leader Nzambani) and Musyoka wa Maiyu (Chief Political Soloist) among others.

Like John The Baptist who prepared the way for Jesus Christ, the team would be Ngilu’s forerunners, should the masses especially the youth continue tipping in favour of the DP Ruto camp.

Kalonzo Musyoka’s public embrassment in Laikipia and Nyeri is seen to have shocked and woken up shrewd Ngilu sending her on a frenzy.

Now the cat is out the bag. She is not taking any chances with anybody, any camp.