Ngilu to work with County Assembly As MCAs vow to Support her



by yoana Kimwele

The Governor of kitui Charity kaluki Ngilu has reiterated her commitment to Work with the assembly of kitui for the betterment of the Musangi and Nzangi.

The Governor was speaking at katse In Mwingi North when she was joined by Lands Principal Secretary Dr. Nicholus Muraguri at Mumoni ward, Mwingi North where the pair were launching a countywide fast track programme of land adjudication and titling. ‬

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‪The exercise targets issuance of at least 100,000 titles deeds over the next six months to Kitui County residents, who for decades, has been without this very important document the Governor said.

The liberation of our people from extreme poverty starts with empowerment by giving them power and control of their own resources. Land is a very important resource The Governor Said.

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I will endeavor to work tirelessly in partnership with the National Government, the assembly of kitui to ensure that Kitui County residents acquire title deeds to their Land.

The Governor said the county assembly of kitui has the constitutional mandate to check and oversight the executive, her sentiments has been received well by majority of the MCAs who spoke to us. The imagined war between the executive and the assembly will be a thing of the past.

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