Ngilu to revive 300 Colonial government’s dams in Kitui



There are about 300 colonial government’s dams in Kitui-Kisangau

Kitui County Agriculture, Water, and Livestock Development Minister Emmanuel Kisangau have said that it is sad news that we are moving towards a serious water scarcity globally as a result of the climate change and increasingly high population.

“The biggest population that will be affected by the serious water scarcity is our continent, Africa,” the minister added. So we have to take some measures towards dealing with the problem in our county, he said.

“In most cases, all of us in Kitui County have to go to Kenya’s colonial government’s dams in our county to desilt them for our own benefits,” Kisangau said.

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The minister disclosed that there are about 300 colonial government’s dams in the entire Kitui County. He was speaking when he officially opened the Kitui County Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) stakeholders forum’s third-quarter meeting organized at the Kitui Agricultural Training Centre by his ministry on Thursday, October 3, 2019.

The WASH program is under the County Agriculture, Water and Livestock Development Ministry. “It gives me a lot of pleasure to meet with you after three months.

I wish you a very fruitful engagement in the forum where we meet after every three months,” the minister told the stakeholders. And he thanked them for their good work as the stakeholders. “We work for the sustainable WASH system. Let us work together. We are in the same government.

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Let us work together to see what to achieve in our efforts and commitments,” the minister said. This forum is to share the innovations that we have come across, he added. “I want to thank you for what you are doing and for accepting to come to this forum,” Kisangau added.

The minister asked the stakeholders to give the advisory to the communities that they should protect their dams for the good of the water.

Kisangau had been accompanied by his ministry’s water department Chief Officer Kioko Kiilu. The Kitui County Wash Programme Director/ Coordinator, Augustus Musili Nding’o who chaired the meeting, said that they (the county ministry) have spent a lot of resources in sinking some water boreholes in the county.

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He said their objective is to have every household in the county connected with water. The officer disclosed that the Mwingi West District is one of the districts with most water boreholes in the county that comprises of a total of 18 districts.

During the occasion, all the county’s District Water Officers presented out their office’s progress reports.