Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has urged Kitui MCAs to put aside their political differences and speed up the setting up of the Kitui County Public Service Board (CPSB) for the sake of development of the Kitui people.

She said the delay in constituting the crucial body is hampering the smooth operations of the county government and the development of the count in general.

She was speaking at Nzambani ward during the burial of the late Mrs Beatrice Kalumu, wife to former councilor Hon. Joel Muthoka and mother to Dr. Richard Mukula Muthoka, the County’s Chief Officer Health. Mrs Muthoka succumbed to Colon Cancer.

The Governor enumerated the development record of her government so far despite the various Challenges. For instance, she pointed out that her Government has increased the number of hospitals in the county from 180 in 2017 to 300 today.

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She also announced that during the next financial year her government has set aside 300 million shillings to upgrade the medical cover of all Kitui residents. Under the envisaged health cover plan, the county government will meet 50% of the cost of NHIF for every household.

This means that Kitui County residents will be able to access health care services across the Country at subsidized cost. This is a significant upgrade from the current Kitui County Health Insurance Cover plan. (KCHIC)

“Every Kitui household will be a full member of NHIF and be able to benefit from the enhanced health facility” Ngilu revealed to the cheering audience.

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She added that in view of the global shortage of surgical gloves, Kitui County Textile Centre (KICOTEC) will soon start manufacturing the product to cater for the County’s needs and sell the surplus to the rest of the country. KICOTEC has been a trailblazer in the local textile industry.

Emphasizing the need for local leaders to unite for speedy development of the county, the governor expressed her burning desire to offer employment opportunities to as many Kitui people as soon as the County Public Service Board is in place and functional.

“Our Youth are being forced to search for jobs in other counties just because our political bickering has derailed the process of setting up the County Public Service Board. Please let us prioritize the wellbeing of our people” Ngilu implored.