Ngilu To Launch Livestock Transportation Trucks



Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu through the Ministry of Trade and cooperative is set to launch the Livestock Transportation trucks for Kitui Livestock farmers soon.

Over 1000 animals trek daily across the County from soko to soko resulting into lose of weight, reduced value and poor quality beef, The County diary has learnt .

A trekking animal loses approximately 20kgs which makes the animal produce high adrenaline making the beef acidic, tough and losing flavor.

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Inarguably 1000 animals trekking daily lose approximately 20 kilograms each which translates to 20,000 kilograms of beef lost daily.

Considering that each kilogrammes has a market value of Kes 500 it means Kitui loses KES 10 million daily as a result of these obvious many years’ of unattended problem.

Every week therefore we lose Kes. 60,000,000 and in a year we lose Kes. 3.1 billion.

This will no longer be the case as Governor Ngilu in yet another transformative thinking introduces Livestock transportation trucks that are modified to help Kitui livestock farmers and traders to safely and quickly transport their animals to various sokos.

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Five of these state of the art trucks will soon be at a livestock soko near you to pick your animals putting an end to the perennial loss and suffering of our animals.

It’s a transformative leadership and agenda of Governor Ngilu.