Ngilu Now Sets Eyes On KICOTEC Branches In Mwingi & Mutomo



KITUI– Kitui Governor H.E Charity Ngilu is looking forward to the ambitious establishment of KICOTEX branches in Mwingi and Mutomo — as she ratchets up her job creation Manifesto Pillars for young people in Kitui and beyond.

Speaking at the factory during the handing over of the uniforms to chiefs and their assistants, Governor Charity Ngilu said she would appreciate the state’s consideration for more contracts from the national government.

“The county’s manufacturing dream has come true. But we are not done yet – we are inviting schools, hospitals, hotels and other organizations to consider us for their clothing needs. . Said Ngilu.

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Noting that KICOTEC had successfully produced 2804 pieces as part of the uniforms tasked, Ngilu said Kitui will be the destination for other counties to benchmark and decried any efforts to import goods that could be made locally.

“The future of this country is conferred in our ability to produce goods locally as a people. Most prosperous global economies rely on exports.” she added.

The Governor confirmed that half of the order by the Interior Ministry had been done as we went to Press.

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“We intend to put up more similar factories in the county to increase our production capacity in the future”. she added.

The establishment of KICOTEX at Syongila has created employment to over 5000 young people in Kitui who are taking a home minimum of Ksh 20,000 monthly.

Meanwhile the number of employees at the Syongila Garment Textile Center is expected to double before the end of this financial year, the Governor said.

The Governor has said kicotec will hire more 350 personnel so that the plant can operate for 24 hrs to enable it to beat production deadlines.

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A spotcheck at Syongila market showed that business has dramatically improved dramatically following the establishment of Kitui Garment Textile Centre.

In Mwingi last month the residents asked the Governor Ngilu to convert the underutilised Mwingi Resource Centre and turn it into Mwingi KICOTEX Centre.

The Ikutha Resource Center ought to be converted into Mutomo KICOTEX Centre, residents told the Governor at the caucus.