By Our Correspodent

when HE Governor Ngilu was an mp for kitui Central and a minister in various dockets, she influenced these institutions which found their entryway to kitui County.


1.Kenya medical training institute (KMTC) Kitui campus which has opened so many opportunities to young academicians and a source of employment to many.

2.She influenced the inception of South Eastern Kenya University formerly known as ukambani Agricultural institute *UKAI* which became constitute College of University of Nairobi, Later got a charter and currently the only isocertified university in Kitui County.

3. HE Ngilu also sat on the negotiation table with MOE that saw Kenyatta University open a campus in kitui County.

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4. When Ngilu was in charge of water docket, again kitui County was lucky and got another pie, Kenya water training institute (KEWI) that has been offering technical skills on water matters. Above all, these tertiary institutions created employment opportunities and its clear they have employed over three thousand staffs in which the dominating number goes to kitui County.

5.Secondary schools were improved at the same not forgetting how She fought to have atleast two National schools in the county, Kitui High school and St Annes Muthale Girls. All these dynamics created an enabling environment for private colleges. Jubilee college, Rockland, KITS KIDS, Kasarani catering etc

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1.Very interesting, HE Governor Ngilu transfered TANATHI water services Board offices from Nyeri, central Kenya and brought them home kitui which is considered a semi arid region. The results have been evident, households were connected to water supply specifically the extension of Masinga pipeline.

2.Boreholes were drilled all over and new dams constructed and those which existed before were rehabilitated.

2.Above all employment has been created as TAWSB runs several water Companies e.g KITWASCO.


1.HE Ngilu Equipped existing hospitals with sophisticated equipments and medicine.

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2. More health centers and dispensaries were constructed.

3. Ambulances deployed permanently to all hospitals

4.Mosquito nets to pregnant mothers came as a concern and was made a policy directive during her tenure as minister in charge of Health which has also been embraced as a policy by UNICEF in Sub-Saharan Africa where most children and mothers die because of malaria.

5.More health care workers were employed and their welfare extremely improved.

In short HE Governor Ngilu set good precedence for Devolution through these three pillars.
For those busy running negative criticism towards our Governor especially the WIPER team just know history will judge you heavily. Its all about development track record. Mambo ya vomwe vetwe ishindwe kabisaa.