Ngilu Score High As Enemies Of Development Die of Raw Jealousy


Kitui Governor HE Charity Kaluki Ngilu has reiterated her commitment to see a transformed County in her tenure as the second Governor of kitui under the new constitution, despite battling with enemies of progress in kitui County.

Proverb 10:15-21

Today we need to answer the prophets of doom who has been fighting the Governor’s agenda for the reasons better known to them,Kitui Senator Hon Enock Wambua has been attacking the Governor Ngilu Development Agenda, calling her all Manner of Names; we have seen other Senators working jointly with their Governors, Why Not In Kitui? who bewiched our people.? Why is it hard for leaders to work together? We know when leaders fight each other a common man will suffer kirk Mbiti Said .

Ngilu The Score card at glace

  1. ☑She has for decades fought for democracy that majority of the people are enjoying today and development in the country, some of the people fighting her have no history, let someone dispute this.

  2. ☑Improved healthcare in the county through availing enough drugs, upgrading health facilities, construction of new health facilities across the country and initiated the now popular government universal health coverage, Universal healthcare scheme when she served as Health Minister.
  3. ☑To provide water, she drilled many boreholes, constructed earth dams and water line extensions country wide when she was the Water Minister.
  4. ☑To transform lands ministry, she fast tracked operations and delivery for the issuance of title deeds and fighting public land cartels when she was the CS.
  5. ☑ Improved education, she played a key role in the establishment of Kenyatta University, SEKU, UoN, KMTC, KEWI and KTTC campuses in Kitui County.
  6. ☑Has address acute water shortage in Ukambani not only in kitui, she devolved Tanathi Water Services Board headquarters to Kitui Town. In the fullness of time the people of will demand to know what her enemies led by the senator wambua has done to them Musangi told our county diary correspondent.
Now lets go deeper abit.

Health and Sanitation

The people of kitui has sited the milestone in heath and sanitation sector where number of staffs have been recruited to ease the service delivery, All the level four hospitals in kitui county has been equiped with drugs and staffs .

The launch of Kitui Universal health cover has been cited as the best program ever for the poor people who could not afford the other premium Insurance covers in the country, its target has been the poor masses.

Kitui Senator or Members of Parliaments have a premium insurance cover funded by national government, Hence they should allow the poor to get the KCHIC card without politising it for their political gains

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Ministry of trade and Cooperate.

The birth of ambitious kitui Textile Garment plant which has given employment to over 600 youth across the county has been cited by the people of kitui as milestone in wealth creation and employment hub.

KICOTEC is a milestone in the Governor’s quest to Youth skills development and wealth creation for Kitui County. It is a fulfillment of the promise she made to the parents and teachers of Kitui during campaign period.

It has significantly reduced the cost of uniforms for parents and have continued ensure more children remain in school. KICOTEC-the Pride of Kitui.

Agriculture Development

On Matter agriculture Development, The Kitui County government is investing a total of 30 million shillings on the county’s mass artificial insemination project.

The Governor said that the project will be a 1.5 billion shillings worthy income for the local people and the government in a nine months period. The Governor announced that the Kitui County has a total of 290,000 households that she said 50 per cent of them drink milked tea.“The very 50 per cent spend some 7 million shillings daily in buying the milk that is imported into the county from other counties in Kenya including Murang’a and Machakos. And the project will save our county a total of about 2 billion shillings annually that go to other counties for milk,” Ngilu added.

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She was speaking to the Kitui County Agriculture, Water and Livestock Production Development Ministry’s extension officers, county ministers, county ministry chief officers and ward administrators among others during a county synchronization and artificial insemination programme meeting that she had convened for them at the Kitui County Stadium on Tuesday, January 15, 2019.

The programme is aimed at increasing and improving the livestock production in the county. “Kitui being a very vast county, is the sixth largest county in Kenya and it has a population of 1.5 million people,” Ngilu said.

The breeds that the county ministry is trying to rear in the county are the Jersey, Guernsey, Friesian, Aryshire and Sahiwal, Boran and Fleckview. The sire bulls will be through selected semen straws from the Kenya Animal Genetic Resources Centre (KAGRC) in Kabete, Kiambu County. There are different methods of estrus synchronisation. Kitui County is using the ovulation synchronisation method