Ngilu ‘sacks’ Communication pretenders over Incompetency


By our reporter

12th January 2019

Ngilu verbally ‘sacks’ Communication pretenders, Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu on Thursday stormed her communication office and lambasted communication officers who spend time idling in the office.

Ngilu who appeared thoroughly miffed by the officers incompetence and lack of tack gave them a massive tongue lashing, demanding to know what their value was in her government.
She claimed that her popular administration was receiving a barrage of bashing yet the clueless officers had no communication counter strategy.
“Useless people. All u do is to sit here and eat. I don’t see your value at all” the unpopular governor cried, singling out only one officer who comes from Kitui rural as her only sure bet.
She then turned her fury on two clandestinely employed officers of dubious credibility, whose occupation is to take thousands of her photo images at every stop.
“You two, u are fired! Fools! What do you do? What’s your work? I don’t want to see you anywhere near me” she tore the terrified clueless lads.

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Later, she exploded her fury on a several officers and ordered them to defend the government not just staying in the office and eating failure to which they also risk sacking.