Ngilu Nominates Fatuma Ngesa’s Sister to KITUI County Assembly


Ex Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu Nominates Madam KALAMBA Musau- popularly Known as MUSAMO as Member of Kitui County assembly.


NARC PARTY leader Hon Charity Kaluki Ngilu has nominated outspoken Madam KALAMBA Musau as Member of Kitui County assembly, the TCD Report.

In 2013 – Kalamba Musau “Musamo” began her political career as Wiper MCA Aspirant for Zombe Mwitika/however, the young ambitious Miss Kalamba was asked by HE Kalonzo Musyoka to step down in favor of Mr James Kathenge as Wiper candidate.

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After failing to secure wiper ticket, she went for Muugano party and got party certificate to run for Zombe/ Mwitika ward, however she managed to be number two beating wiper candidate mercilessly. But Hon Katheke won Zombe Mwitika ward seat.

In 2017, she returned to Narc party of kenya, however she did not run for Sombe /Mwitika MCA Seat, but Narc leadership Promised to Nominate her in the county assembly of kitui.

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She was number Six in the party nomination list which was submitted to the IEBC, but the party did not get requisite numbers to nominate many more than Six , she was in Number 6 in the narc party Nomination list.

The Narc had only Eight MCAs who got elected.

After 2017 general election, the Narc Party managed to get four slots for Kitui County Assembly Nominees according to the party election results pattern.

In 2022, she announced to run for Sombe /Mwitika ward MCA seat on narc Ticket, but She was asked by Governor Ngilu to step down in favor of for Erustus Kombulu and campaign for him.

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The Narc leader Ngilu Again Promised to Nominate her to the assembly , after several attempt in vain, she has finally been nominated by Ngilu to represent the interest of Narc party In the kitui county assembly.

Madam Kalamba Musau is blood Sister to Madam Fatuma Ngesa, the personal assistant to former Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu.