Ngilu Meets Kitui South Honey Farmers, Promise Modern Machines


11th April 2019

By Barrack Muli

Kitui Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu on thursday evening toured the honey-rich Kitui South areas of Athi.

She visited Kamaki Farmers Cooperative Society that produces up to 50tonnes of honey and 12tonnes at the off season.

The Governor said she will support the farmers in the acquisition of modern machines, modern ways of harvesting, branding, and marketing among others to improve the sector.

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Bees collect nector from Mithiia, Miselele, Mung’ole, Kitoo, Kiluli, Mwaa among other trees which are key in honey production and has medicinal value.

Bee keeping is, therefore, a part of the lives of the locals and a major source of cash.

Adoption of modern ways of honey production and harvesting of honey by farmers will be a significant boost for the county’s honey production sector and the county’s economy at large.

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